World Bank Procurement Guidance – Evaluation Criteria (2016)

Procurement Guidance Evaluation Criteria

World Bank Procurement Guidance Evaluation CriteriaThis World Bank Procurement Guidance describes the different types of evaluation criteria that may be used to select contractors for Goods, Works and Non-consulting Services when using Request for Bids or Request for Proposals selection methods.

This Guidance should be read with reference to the World Bank Procurement Regulations for Investment Project Financing Borrowers (IPF), the Standard Procurement Document (SPD) and if applicable, the associated User Guide relevant to the Selected SPD. The specific application of evaluation criteria is detailed in each of the Bank’s SPDs. Evaluation criteria are a standard or test used in the evaluation of Bids/Proposals to select the Most Advantageous Bid/Proposal which best meets the requirements and offers the best value for money (VFM). Continue reading World Bank Procurement Guidance – Evaluation Criteria (2016)

Guidance on the Use of Life Cycle Costing Methodology in Procurement

This guidance document is intended to be used in conjunction with the companion document A common European methodology for Life Cycle Costing (the Methodology). It provides practical guidance on the potential uses and the benefits to be gained from using Life Cycle Costing (LCC) in construction, illustrated with a number of case studies from the use of LCC across Europe.