Core Attributes of Effectively Managed Wastewater Collection Systems

The efficient operation and management of collection system assets are critical to minimizing performance failures and potential effects. Efficient operation and maintenance of a collection system requires several essential elements regardless of a wastewater agency’s local performance requirements. Documenting programs, practices, and protocols helps produce successful and efficient performance of collection systems.

This document identifies 12 core attributes of an effectively managed wastewater collection system.

Effective Utility Management: A Primer for Water and Wastewater Utilities

This Primer is an outgrowth of that agreement and distills the experience of a group of leaders in water and wastewater utility management in the United State into a framework intended to help utility managers identify and address their most pressing needs through a customized, incremental approach that is relevant to the day-to-day challenges utilities face.

Rural and Small System Guidebook to Sustainable System Managent

The Guidebook’s aim is to support rural and small water and wastewater systems in their common mission to become more successful and resilient service providers.

The Guidebook begins by introducing each of the ten key management areas of effectively managed systems, followed by a self-assessment to help users identify their strengths and challenges to prioritize where to focus improvement efforts. The Guidebook ends by discussing improving outcomes in the ten management areas by examining what constitutes high achievement in each area and identifying resources for small systems.