Help provide safely-managed drinking water and sanitation to poor households in developing countries by assisting to strengthen public water and sanitation institutions.


To achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6, and ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, public water and sanitation institutions need to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and to improve their financial condition.

Volunteers are needed to provide short-term assistance to water and sanitation institutions and to help NPWSP.org to identify, or develop, and communicate ideas, information, tools, and techniques to strengthen public water and sanitation institutions in developing countries.

Please contact us if you'd like to help.

Volunteer Spotlight

Joseph Atchue  - Environmental and Natural Resource Management Specialist with over 25 years’ experience implementing domestic and international environmental and natural resource programs, including technical expertise in water resource, water/wastewater technology, and coastal zone management. He holds BS degrees in Marine Science and Biology, and an MS in Aquatic Ecology. He is a Certified Environmental Professional (1994 - Present) and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (1992 - Present).

William Gross - Emergency Operations and Planning Specialist with over 20 years of Emergency Management experience. Emergency Manager for the City of Dallas, Texas. Operations and Planning Specialist with US Defense Department emergency management coordination team which was co-located with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency - Region 6. Holds a BS degree in Physics and MEng in Civil Engineering.

Larry C Hearn - Institutional and Organizational Development Specialist with over 30 years’ experience including over 20 years of international development experience helping to strengthen public sector management, and systems and processes and to leverage the private sector to improve public services. Experienced program manager, trainer, and executive mentor. Holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering, a MEd in Education and an MBA.

Jon Holland - Wastewater Network Specialist with over 35 years’ experience in wastewater network capacity building and drainage design and master planning in industrial and municipal infrastructure development. He worked on capacity building projects for network design, rehabilitation and operation in Sri Lanka, Jordan/Iraq, India and Egypt and on design of drainage, wastewater and irrigation networks in South Africa, UK, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. He has a BSc Degree, Post-Graduate Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Management Studies, is a Chartered Civil Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management, Gulf Sustainability Assessment System certified in sustainable design (to 2018).

Lyliose Umupfasoni - Natural Resources Management Specialist with over 10 years of experience in strategic planning, resource mobilization, policy and legislation development. Former Director of Environment, Water Resources and Forests for the Government of Rwanda. Her experience includes advising the REACH - Improving Water Security for the Poor program at the University of Oxford, UK; and, working with the African Union (AU) Specialized Committee on Water and Sanitation as the Program Officer responsible for the Eastern African sub-region (12 countries) and coordinator for all youth-related activities and for improving gender balance in the water and sanitation sector. She holds a BS degree in Soil and Environment Management.

Tony Willenberg - e-Government Specialist, and founder and CTO of Neocapita (www.neocapita.com), which developed Stoneblock, the first digital registry for e-government built on distributed ledger technology. He has over 24 years of information, communication and technology (ICT) experience in more than 20 countries, including recent experience, developing a program to secure information assets for officers travelling to and from Syria, a national public asset recovery and reform program using distributed ledger technology in Somalia, and authoring the national ICT plan for Samoa. He holds a BS degree in computer science and mathematics, an MS in computer security, and an MComm in applied finance and statistics.

Alan S Wyatt - Water Supply Specialist with over 35 years of experience in technical assistance and training programs. He has worked extensively on projects in the areas of water supply and sanitation, non-revenue water, water efficiency, utility management, operations & maintenance, water resources, climate change, urban environmental management, and renewable energy in the U.S., and 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa / Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. He holds a BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and History, and an MS, Environmental Engineering.

Raouf N Youssef - International Development Specialist with over 30 years international experience, including 20 years with USAID, positions included Mission Director USAID/Lebanon for 3 years; Office-in-Charge-Egypt, USAID Bureau for Asia and Near East for 2 years; Director, USAID Office of Power and Telecommunications - Egypt for 7 years. Currently, Managing Partner, Global Development Associates LLP. He holds a BS in Economics and an MBA.